What is Foot Reflexology Massage?

Believed to have originated in ancient Egypt and China, reflexology is a form of massage that focuses on engaging areas of the foot to elicit certain health responses from the body.

Similar to acupuncture treatment’s use of meridians and the flow of qi (pronounced chee), foot reflexology features various zones of each foot and how they correspond to various organs throughout the body. In fact, reflexology was once referred to as “zone therapy” for this very reason. Pressure applied to these zones is thought to provide relief for a wide variety of ailments and conditions.

Unlike acupuncture, however, foot reflexology massage is completely noninvasive, with no tools required — only the knowledge and experience of a practiced reflexologist.

How Foot Reflexology Massage Works

Far more than a simple foot rub, foot reflexology involves the massage and application of pressure to various reflex points found throughout the foot. Certified reflexologists study the various zones of the foot and how to apply pressure to engage the healing desired.

For instance, zones like the toes are believed to relate to the sinuses. The heel contains a zone tied to the sciatic nerve. And the sole and plantar region contain a number of zones related to various internal organs.

Benefits of Foot Reflexology Massage

Benefits reported by recipients of foot reflexology are wide-ranging, running the gamut between the physical and psychological — everything from improved relaxation and sleep to better circulation, blood pressure, relief from mood disorders and so much more. Benefits reported include:

  • improved relaxation
  • higher quality sleep
  • relief from aches and pains
  • relief from foot cramping
  • improved blood pressure and circulation
  • relief from edema
  • relief from restless leg syndrome
  • improved moods
  • improved sense of well-being

While foot reflexology isn’t meant to replace any particular treatment or therapy and works best as an addition to treatments specific to your ailments, its continued growth and popularity are clear signs of its efficacy — just be sure to clear it with your health professional first.

Similar to other forms of massage like foot reflexology, results depend on the individual. The most important aspect of any massage therapy is how you feel after receiving treatment, and many have found great relief from foot reflexology massage.

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