What is a Custom Massage at Wellness4Ever?

What is a Custom Massage at Wellness4Ever?

One of the most popular massage therapies at Wellness4Ever — Mamer, Luxembourg’s newest massage salon — is their Custom Massage. But what is it exactly, and how does it work?

Wellness4Ever’s Custom Massage is specially designed for two types of clientele — those who aren’t sure what kind of massage they should get, and those who need a flexible option for a range of issues.

What Type of Massage Should I Get?

The wonderful team at Wellness4Ever gets this question all the time! With massage therapy’s continuing rise in popularity, more people are discovering it for themselves every day — but they’re not sure where to start.

With the Custom Massage, you don’t need to have an answer to that question before booking your first session. You can have a chat with your friendly, experienced massage therapist at the start of your session and they can offer recommendations based on your issues and goals.

Having pain from an active lifestyle? Our Sports Massage may be the answer. Looking for the most effective massage for stress relief? Learn about our amazing Relaxing Massage! What’s the deal with this foot reflexology you’ve been hearing so much about? Ask all your questions at your Custom Massage and choose the best option from our professional recommendations. And when you’re ready to try our Candle Massage, we can book it for your next session — setting up this ultra-relaxing massage takes a little preparation on our end, but it’s worth it!

What if I’m Not Sure What Type of Massage I’ll Need Today?

For active people and those who are never sure how they’ll feel from one day to the next, they need a flexible massage therapy option that can adapt to their needs. That’s the great thing about our Custom Massage — we can adapt to whatever’s troubling you that specific day.

Athletes and active people are always in various stages of workout recovery. And those who suffer from various aches and pains are never sure where they’ll need extra attention. Having a hard time recovering from a new workout and you’re not sure what massage is best? In the middle of a flare-up from an old injury and need some advice? Our incredible massage therapists are here with a smile and some sage advice, ready to help you with today’s issues.

There’s only one decision you need to make regarding Wellness4Ever’s Custom Massage — when shall we pencil you in?

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