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Maderotherapy is an age-old technique that consists of an intense massage using different wooden instruments.


The whole body is massaged, face included. It is mainly used for its slimming and anti-cellulite properties. It is also appreciated by athletes to tone muscles, eliminate cramps and muscle spasms.

Maderotherapy has an immediate revitalizing and relaxing effect, particularly appreciated after a hard day’s work.

Do you want to take care of yourself or offer a Maderotherapy session to a loved one?

What are the benefits of Maderotherapy?

Maderotherapy has the effect of:

  • Toning and firming of the skin
  • treatment of the “orange peel” or cellulite effect
  • improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation
  • drainage of fat
  • stimulation of collagen production
  • stimulation of the nervous system
  • improvement of intestinal transit and digestion
  • relaxation of the muscles
  • reduction of contractures and tensions
  • Etc.

What is maderotherapy?

Of Colombian origin, maderotherapy is a particular and powerful massage technique. Unlike other massages, it does not go through a manual touch, but uses various wooden instruments (madera = wood in Spanish).

Rollers, bells, plates, etc., are pressed on the parts of the body by the massage therapist. She applies longitudinal or circular movements of various pressures to them.

A natural oil is used to allow the instrument to slide more easily.

What are the wooden instruments for maderotherapy?

Many instruments of various shapes are used during the maderotherapy session. They vary depending on your goal.

For example :

  • The grooved roller which is used to activate the circulation for a firming effect.
  • The cube roller, also called “flattened”, is used to loosen the most resistant fat, particularly in the hips, legs and abdomen.
  • Dotted, wheeled or single bells help works specific areas of the body, such as the legs or  arms.
  • Mushrooms are used, among other things, for lymphatic massage.
  • Etc.

    Who is Maderotherapy for?

    For people who want to slim down or sculpt their body

    Maderotherapy is recommended for people looking to refine or sculpt their body. It is particularly effective against cellulite. It also makes it possible to refine the fatty storage areas deemed unsightly. 

    By penetrating deep into the tissues, massages with wooden instruments effectively activate circulation. The draining effect, very powerful, stimulates slimming.

    For athletes or people with a high level of activity

    Maderotherapy is particularly suitable during the recovery period to eliminate cramps and aches. It will help relax and soften the muscles.

    It is also an effective complement to the warm-up before resuming an intensive sport or a period of competition.

    For men and women who want to relax and regain their energy

    After a stressful day at the office or a tiring manual job, nothing like a maderotherapy session to recharge your batteries. The friction of the instruments on the skin, on the back and the shoulders heats the muscles inviting them to relax in depth. The stimulation of blood circulation, activates the energy.  

    Do you want to take care of your body by treating yourself to a Maderotherapy session?

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