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Relaxing Massage

The Relaxing Massage we offer is aimed at the complete and total relaxation of your body

Whereas other therapeutic massages such as back massage also focus on muscle pain, joint pain and other specific problem, the relaxing massage aims at the relaxation of your entire body.

Relaxing Massage

The massage is given in such a way that it puts your body and mind in a state of deep relaxation.

Surrounded by a calm and soothing atmosphere, in the expert hands of one of our massage specialists, you will experience a deep serenity. 

The benefits of a relaxing massage will last for days or even weeks. 

Relaxing massage has a proven therapeutic effect. It significantly reduces stress and anxiety. It makes the worries of your life lighter. 

This therapeutic massage is one of the best steps you can take to improve your mental well-being and alleviate the effects of stress in your life!

Do you want to take care of yourself or offer a relaxing massage to a loved one?

Why treat yourself to a regular relaxing massage?

Stress is one of the most destructive factors in our physical and mental well-being. Through the tensions it generates in the body, it has a direct impact on our health.

While the stress of modern life is difficult to avoid, taking a break from it can reset the clock and greatly reduce the impact of stress in our lives.

For a moment, life seems to stand still. You are immersed in a warm and caring cocoon with an expert in relaxing therapeutic massage who takes care of you.

Your body enters a state of deep relaxation.

This anti-stress massage favours relaxation of body and mind

Body and mind are connected. Relieving your body of its tensions brings a surprising mental well-being. Your thoughts and emotions are lighter and more positive. 

Regular massages reduce anxiety and promote better sleep

What are the benefits of a relaxing massage?

Deep relaxation, anti-stress remedy, better sleep, better state of mind, relief of muscular or joint tensions, etc. The positive effects reported by our clients are numerous!

Studies show that the effects of massages are cumulative. A weekly or monthly massage will bring about a profound change in the body and avoid relapses of stress or tension.

Relaxing massage, through its anti-stress effect, has a proven beneficial effect on health.

How does a relaxing massage work?

For a whole hour, you are in a cocoon completely disconnected from the hustle and bustle of life. You don’t have to worry about anything. You are in the care of the expert hands of our massage therapist who are entirely dedicated to your well-being.

After you have made yourself comfortable, our massage therapist alternates between light and deep movements on your entire body. From head to toe, sometimes on your back, sometimes on your stomach, while respecting your intimacy, each muscle is deeply relaxed.

Soft music and essential oils help to take you on a journey into your inner self.

The relaxing massage can be done at any time of the day. However, we advise you to avoid overly physical or engaging activities afterwards. This may limit the long-term effect of the relaxing massage.

Want to take care of yourself or offer a relaxing massage to a loved one?

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