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Foot reflexology

Did you know that our whole body and all our organs are in our feet? According to this gentle therapy, massaging your feet is like massaging all the internal and external areas of your body!

Foot reflexology

Originating in ancient Egypt and China, foot reflexology is a therapeutic practice that focuses on the feet. The painful areas of the feet represent organs in pain or areas of the body that need to be relaxed. 

During a foot reflexology massage, our certified reflexologist applies specific pressure to very specific areas of the foot according to your demand. 

Much more than a foot massage, foot reflexology is recognised for its therapeutic virtues.

How does foot reflexology work?

A practice similar to acupuncture, foot reflexology also works on the body’s energy meridians. With no other instruments than her hands, the reflexologist massage therapist applies various pressures on targeted acupuncture points.

This deep foot massage induces a deep sense of well-being. It can be combined with another relaxing massage to further enhance the desired effect.

The therapeutic benefits of foot reflexology

Studies have shown that foot reflexology can help with both physical and psychological symptoms. It is particularly effective in relieving pain, physical tension, stress, anxiety and much more.

Clients of our certified reflexologists report benefits such as better sleep, reduced stress, more balanced moods and reduced feelings of anxiety and worry.

How does a foot reflexology session work?

The foot massage session by our reflexologist always starts with a short interview. Its purpose is to identify the reasons that bring you here to better define the potential areas to be treated.

During the session, you have the opportunity to express your feelings in order to direct the work of the massage therapist.

To be effective, foot reflexology must be practiced by a certified reflexologist, which is always the case in our wellness centre.

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