The Health Benefits of a Regular Massage

A regular massage is widely accepted as one of the best ways to relax and recover from the stresses of daily life. One of the main reasons massage continues to grow in popularity is because it not only benefits the body, but the mind as well.

Physical Benefits of Regular Massage

Stress and anxiety can produce some rather profound physical symptoms. One of the first symptoms to appear is muscle tension. And because stress is most often a chronic condition, your muscles are tense all the time — this leads to aches, pains and limited mobility, all of which have a negative effect on the mind. Stress can also lead to headaches, fatigue, upset stomach and loss of appetite, among other problems.

Regular massage by a qualified massage therapist not only reduces these symptoms, but can even preempt future symptoms, mitigating the body’s typical reaction to new stress. By allowing yourself regular weekly or monthly massages, the tension throughout your muscles is relaxed away, causing a cascade of health benefits from the physical to the mental and emotional.

  • eases muscle tension
  • relieves aches and pains
  • can improve circulation
  • can improve blood pressure

Mental Benefits of Regular Massage

Even more fascinating are the benefits of regular massage on the mind. Not only does a relaxed body lead to a more relaxed mental state, but the experience of receiving a massage itself allows you to unplug from your daily life and focus on yourself.

Scented candles, calming music and relaxed lighting provide the ideal environment, and the soothing hands of a practiced massage therapist allow your mind to unwind and set aside concerns, worries and troubles. Allowing yourself brief interludes such as this amongst the hustle and bustle of your busy life gives your mind a chance to recover in amazing ways. And the benefits are carried forward, helping you react to future stress with a calmer, more measures approach.

  • calms the mind
  • soothes emotions
  • improves mood
  • can reduce anxiety

It’s no secret that regular massage provides a number of physical, mental and emotional benefits. But the true beauty of the practice lies in that one specific word, regular.

By receiving massage on a consistent basis, you’re able to achieve a more long-term goal that everyone is striving for — a better quality of life. It’s no wonder spa services like massage continue to grow in popularity!

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