The Importance of Regular Sports Massage for Active Lifestyles

The Importance of Regular Sports Massage for Active Lifestyles

From young athletes to energetic seniors, active people can benefit greatly from regular sports massage. A more active lifestyle is certainly healthier for both mind and body, but it also leads to sore, stiff muscles and more stress on your joints, making your approach to rest and recovery even more important.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage involves specific focus on the muscle groups you use most often according to your activity. Footballers engage different muscle groups than weightlifters, for example, necessitating special attention to different areas of the body. With the right massage therapist experienced in sports massage, you can describe any issues you may be having and they can recommend various approaches designed to help maximize your relaxation and recovery. Additionally, most everyone has that one problem area or old sports injury that could benefit from some extra care, and a knowledgeable massage therapist can take those issues into consideration when customizing your massage.

The Benefits of Regular Sports Massage

Similar to regular massage, regular sports massage provides a number of physical and psychological benefits. Studies have shown that massage is one of the most highly effective post-workout treatments for delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and perceived fatigue, as well as inflammation — all very important concerns for athletes and those engaged in an active lifestyle. Benefits include: • improved flexibility • improved range of motion in the joints • decreased muscle spasms • greater sense of relaxation • calmer, more contented mood Mountains of anecdotal evidence from sports massage recipients all over the world also suggest fewer instances of injury and shorter recovery times between workouts, making an even stronger case for you to give regular sports massage a try.

What to Look for in a Sports Massage Therapist

The effectiveness of your massage hinges on finding the right massage therapist. In addition to the proper credentials and experience, you want to find one who is receptive to your concerns and open to discussing your goals. By finding a massage therapist you enjoy talking to, who makes you feel that you’re being heard, you give yourself the opportunity to fully enjoy the experience and receive all its amazing benefits.

Vanessa and the rest of our massage therapy team exemplify these wonderful traits, which is what makes Wellness4Ever the ideal salon for your next sports massage! For more informational blogs, as well as exclusive discounts and other perks, be sure to sign up for our newsletter!

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