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Candle Massage

Candle Massage is much more than a massage. It is a true journey of the senses!

With its refined fragrances and the warmth of its oils, this massage allows your body to enter a state of deep relaxation.

Candle Massage

This exceptional massage combines the benefits of a relaxing massage with those of aromatherapy for a unique experience of total release.

Which candles for candle massage?

For this highly technical massage, our massage therapists use a series of candles infused with essential oils. The scents of lavender, vanilla and rose are released.

Our massage candles are made of shea butter. This melts gently in the heat of the flame. When the candle is at the right temperature, the masseuse gently pours it onto the areas to be massaged. It then forms a thin film that penetrates the skin and moisturises it as the expert hands pass over it.

The shea butter used makes this massage particularly hydrating.

From the very first minutes, you will experience a moment of deep relaxation and well-being.

Much more than a massage

The candle massage envelops your senses and immerses you completely in the experience of letting go. The subdued lighting, soft background music and the soothing warmth of the oils give you a deep sense of calm.

Combined with the delicious aromas of the candle, and the moisturizing properties of the shea butter, our Candle Massage is the luxurious and transformative experience of your dreams.

Candle massage: a powerful anti-stress and anti-pain massage

Even more than the relaxing massage, the candle massage is a powerful anti-stress. The essential oils used such as lavender oil are known for their anxiolytic properties.

Moreover, the warmth of the wax gently poured over your body almost instantly relieves joint pain and muscle tension. The feeling of well-being after a candle massage session lasts for days! The anti-stress benefits of massage are cumulative, so the more often you repeat the experience, the more your body will thank you!

Treat yourself to a massage experience of unique intensity!

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