Top 3 Benefits of Candle Massage

Top 3 Benefits of Candle Massage

Candle massage is a popular therapy for those wishing to immerse more of their senses into their massage. The delightful aromas, the warmth of the essential oils, the entire experience can offer a deeper, more profound relaxation than massage alone.

Let’s find out why by taking a look at three of the most popular benefits of candle massage.

Reduces Stress

The fact that candle massage can reduce stress may come as no surprise, but the aromatherapy effects intrinsic to it have been shown to reduce anxiety, making it an even more effective massage therapy for many.

Part of effective massage is more than just calming your mind, but transporting it to a calmer place. Given how strongly scent is tied to emotion and memory, it’s no wonder candle massage is so popular. By evoking a fond memory or inducing a particular emotion, your mind gains additional reprieve from the daily stresses of your life, making candle massage a highly effective stress-reduction therapy.

Relieves Aches & Pains

Another benefit that is rather expected of massage, the use of essential-oil infused candles adds a wonderful dimension that many find to be more effective at pain relief than typical massage alone.

The warmth of the essential oils is often reported to provide additional comfort to aching joints and sore muscles, which can lead to improved circulation and range of motion. And with the added benefit of hydrating the skin, recipients feel even more refreshed and energized.

Many also report that regular candle massage compounds these amazing benefits, providing a long-term pain-management therapy option that can help sustain a more active lifestyle.

Improves Mood

Typically, the less stress we’re under, the better our moods. In addition to the stress-reduction benefits of candle massage, aromatherapy massage has also démontrébeen shown to improve Hospital Anxiety and Depression (HAD) Scale results, further indicating its ability to improve overall quality of life.

Candle massage in particular is a great example of how massage therapy can be more than an effective treatment for stress relief and physical pain reduction. With the right candles, soothing aromas, relaxing background music and experienced massage therapist, your massage can be an experience to remember.

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