Our team

Our team of highly trained massage therapists is what makes Wellness4Ever so special.

With years of specialized experience and the keen ability to empathize with their clients, our incredible staff provide far more than skilled massage therapy. They make each and every client feel welcome, comfortable and assured in the knowledge that their voice has been heard.

Thanks to our amazing specialists, every Wellness4Ever client is in the safest of hands.


Massage Specialist

Vanessa came to her massage career in atypical fashion, having worked twelve years as an international model. The experience opened her eyes to the world, giving her an incredibly open-minded perspective on life and a deep appreciation for its many wonderful people and cultures.

Ready to move on from her high-stress profession and explore the possibilities, Vanessa transitioned to sales while training and practicing as a massage therapist, all while fulfilling her role as a young mother.

Bringing a mixture of attention and intention to her massage therapy, clients can also expect an attentive and comforting ear, complemented by a touch of humor typical of a Liège woman.

Currently eleven years into her massage therapy career, Vanessa devotes her free time to her love of horses and the sea.


Massage Specialist

An accomplished yoga instructor, Catja spent several years traveling India, where she experienced the amazing virtues and benefits of Ayurvedic massage.

Her travels enabled her to receive extensive training in various massage and ancestral wellness techniques. During her first foray to the city of Rishikesh at the foot of the Himalayas, Catja received initiation into an esteemed Ayurvedic massage training program. Fascinated by the experience, she then traveled to the south of India, to Kannur, Kerala, where she received her Panchakarma certificate in Ayurvedic massage.

These experiences and many others allowed Catja the wonderful opportunity to exchange knowledge and wisdom with amazing people from all over the world, sharing massage therapies and a wide variety of other wellness techniques designed to improve and sustain the well-being of all.

Upon her return to Luxembourg, Catja continues to enrich her studies, in perpetual pursuit of her ultimate goal — combining the wisdom of détente with her knowledge of healing to provide more joyous and fulfilling life experiences to everyone she meets.